Future Bright Prospects is a Non-Profit Community Interest Company.

Where we work closely with 16-24 year olds and provide support to the most disadvantaged areas of London.

With youth unemployment levels soaring for young people which leads to a increase in Crime, Poverty, Homelessness and Mental Health issues. Creating better opportunities and changing mindsets will in return promote positive futures and allow young people to have a positive input in society and their local communities.

We run a number of Free educational workshops where we teach meaningful skills and create employment opportunities to the less fortunate.

Our Aim is to teach young people from disadvantaged areas of London how to best succeed in Life.

Teach them the skills needed and inspire them to become businessmen/women, Entrepreneurs and to succeed in all walks of life.


To steer away from a Life of Crime and Gang Couture which effects many young people in London today.


We deliver programmes focused on:

  • Employment

  • Mental health awareness

  • Gang Crime

  • Life skills

  • Finance

  • Money management

  • Business

  • Fitness & Health

We also work closely with Amateur Boxing & Football Academies.

Where we run a YSPD (Young Sports Person Development) Programme.

Our YSPD programme provides Grants to hard working and talented young sports individuals who have shown proven dedication to their chosen sport.